— region’s third largest oil producer.
Colombian oil prices are rising due to sanctions on Venezuelan imports

 1.7 billion barrels

proven crude oil reserves (2017)*

 5 oil refineries

are located in Colombia


the share of oil in total energy
consumption in 2017

 4.8 trillion cubic feet

proven natural gas reserves (2017)*

 420 000 b/d

crude oil refining capacity at
5 refineries

 720 000 b/d

oil production in 2018

 580 000 b/d

export of crude oil in 2017

 $800 million

the cost of Ecopetrol’s campaign to find new sources of heavy crude in ten blocks

 $3.5– $4 billion

projected Ecopetrol’s investment in O&G sector, including 81% of fund to be invested in upstream

Drilling Plans for 2019:
700 development wells, 12 exploratory wells