Congress Highlights

250+ decision-makers of Oil and Gas industry from Colombia and all-over Latin America

Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, etc, as well as government officials, regulatory bodies, project owners, technology and service providers, international and local investors

Strategic Opening Session - Government Plans to Strengthen the Oil and Gas Industry in Colombia in the Post-Pandemic Times

New governments strategies, plans of projects initiators, operators, and investors

Major Oil and Gas Projects of Colombia and LATAM: Status and Updates under the Current Economic Situation

Upcoming, ongoing, and planned projects in the region, which are the new strategies of the key companies to survive in this new economic situation?

Breakthrough Innovations for Oil and Gas Industry in the region

Innovated technologies, equipment, and services, what technology is needed for the optimization of the projects

Attracting Potential Investors and Financial Opportunities to the Oil and Gas Industry in Colombia and LATAM

Hotline with business experts!

Ask your burning questions, call for advice, and share your experience during and after sessions!

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