Colombia is the third largest oil producer in Latin America. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opep) estimated an average of Colombian crude oil production during 2020 of 900,000 Kbpd to continue the growth of the industry in the country.

31 new contracts were awarded during 2019 with a total of $ 8.9 billion as a result. More than US $ 2,700 MM in investment projects and an average of 886,000 Kbpd, increasing production by 2.7% compared to the previous year are the results of the oil industry. On the other hand, 9.7% was the increase in Gas production in addition to a 136% growth in seismic with a total of 1,629.79 km.

In January 2020, 18.3 MM of barrels of crude oil were exported according to DANE and the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) reported proven reserves of Petroleum (bls) corresponding to 1,958,269,052 and Gas (kpc) corresponding to 3,781. 843,303. This being the prelude to the challenges that arise during this 2020.

Nowadays, the world’s energy industry is experiencing dramatic changes; the competitive environment is becoming tougher. Against this background, questions about how to maintain and enhance the competitive advantages of companies operating in the oil and gas industry, and how to promote the development of global energy security are becoming more acute. The answers to these questions depend on the progress of ongoing projects, success of the operating companies, decisions and ability to operate in harsh conditions.

Explore the prospects of market development, projects on construction, innovations and strategies of Oil & Gas industry in Colombia during the webinar!

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Forecasts and new opportunities regarding exploratory wells

The most promising projects on construction and modernisation of oil and gas pipelines for development within 2020-2030

First-hand information on implementation, innovation, financing, regulation and everything new in this thriving industry


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    Diego Mesa
    Deputy Minister of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia

    Topic of the presentation

    Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry in Colombia

    Oscar Bravo Mendoza
    PhD candidate in Industry and Organizations, National University of Colombia and Senior Professional, Ecopetrol

    Topic of the presentation

    Critical Factors for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources Development

    Germán Espinosa
    Executive President, Colombian Chamber of Oilfield Services–CAMPETROL

    Topic of the presentation

    Trends in the oil & gas sector and the Colombian economy

    German Casas Torres
    President, Sebastopol Colombian Refinery

    Topic of the presentation

    First Private Oil Refinery to be built in Latin America

    Germán Rivera
    Territory Sales Manager, EagleBurgmann Colombia S.A.S

    Topic of the presentation

    EagleBurgmann company´s presentation, products and experience


    Laura Camacho
    Congress Producer
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    «Colombia Oil & Gas:
    Prospects of Market Development
    in Modern Economic Environment»

    April 30th, 10:00 AM (-5 GMT) Colombian Time

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